Power and Energy Systems    (PES 2005)

October 24 – 26, 2005
Marina del Rey, USA
Editor(s): M.H. Hamza
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492-014 Analysis for Hybrid Harmonic Filter and Its Effects on Distorted Power System
H. Lee, B. Park, and G. Jang (Korea)
492-023 An Improved Mathematical Morphology Method and Its Application in the Power Quality Monitoring
S. Ouyang (PRC)
492-034 Effects of Waveform Distortion Due to Harmonics in Power System Protection
R.C. Leite and G. Cardoso Jr. (Brasil)
492-059 Probability Analysis of Harmonic Currents Produced by AC-to-DC Converters with Various Firing Angles
K.-H. Liu and L. Wang (Taiwan)
492-088 Active Power Line Filter using Artificial Neural Network and Fuzzy Control
B.S. Lathika and S.A. Koya (India)
492-096 Multiple Output SMPS using a Single Cuk Converter
J.B.V. Reddy, G. Bhuvaneswari, and B. Singh (India)
492-100 Unified Zero Sequence Electromagnetic Filter
F.N. Belchior, J.F.V. Ferreira, J.C. Oliveira, R. Apolonio, and A.B. Vasconcellos (Brazil)
492-105 Voltage Sag Ride-Through for Active Rectifiers
K.D. Pietiläinen and M. Leksell (Sweden)
492-809 New Alternatives to Mitigate Nuisance Tripping of PWM ASDs under Capacitor-Switching Transients (CSTs)
J.L. Durán-Gómez (Mexico)
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492-025 Cataclysmic Genetic Algorithm for Reactive Power Dispatch Comparing with an Interior-Point Algorithm
Y.-J. Zhang, M.-Y. Liao, and Z. Ren (PRC)
492-046 Optimal Location for Capacitor Installation using Optimal Power Flow Sensitivity
P. Churueang and P. Damrongkulkamjorn (Thailand)
492-054 Control Strategies for Damping of Subsynchronous Modes of Oscillations
J. Pasupuleti (Malaysia)
492-060 Power Flow Analysis on an FPGA-based Vector Computer
M.Z. Hasan (USA), S.G. Ziavras (USA/Korea), and T.-G. Chang (Korea)
492-063 Hydro Generation Scheduling for a One Year Perspective
S.I. Palamarchuk and D.I. Legalov (Russia)
492-064 Control of UPS Inverter using Current Mode Fuzzy Gain Scheduling of PI Controller
E.D. Bolat and S. Postalcıoğlu (Turkey)
492-066 Design of DC Excitation Controllers for Grid-Connected Wound-Rotor Induction Generators
S.-S. Chen and L. Wang (Taiwan)
492-067 DSP based Control of Self-Excited Induction Generators using AC-to-DC Converters and Switched Excitation Capacitors
D.-J. Lee and L. Wang (Taiwan)
492-068 Load Modeling of Electric Locomotive using Parameter Identification
J. Kim, C. Lee, M. Han, K. Shim, and J.-H. Kim (Korea)
492-802 A Reduced Generator Model with Excitation Limits
S. Ball, K. Wedeward, E. Barany, and S. Schaffer (USA)
492-803 Calculation of Lightning Flashovers and Backflash Level on 230kV Transmission Lines
B.J. Al-Qahtani and M.H. Shwehdi (Saudi Arabia)
492-805 On Some Aspects of Automatic Generation Control of a Two Area Hydro-Thermal System
S. Suri, M. Parida, P.K. Jena, and J. Nanda (India)
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492-035 Wind Power Impact to Transient and Voltage Stability of the Power System in Eastern Denmark
J. Rasmussen, P. Jørgensen (Denmark), M.T. Palsson, and K. Uhlen (Norway)
492-036 Comparative Performance Study of MAHUA METHYL ESTER as Diesel Fuel Substitute on DI Diesel Engine with Emphasis on Vibration & Noise as Potential Engine Parameters
G.R.K. Sastry, I.N.N. Kumar, S.C. Prasad, and B.V.A. Rao (India)
492-061 Selection of Wind Generator Capacity for Capturing Maximum Wind Energy in Wind Power Generation Systems
T.-H. Yeh and L. Wang (Taiwan)
492-077 Control and Integration of a 192MW Wind Farm with Doubly Fed Induction Generator in Brazilian Power System
K.F. da Silva, M.A. Saidel, S.R. Silva, J.J.J.P. Franco, and J.A.S. Brito (Brazil)
492-078 Improving Voltage Stability by Utilizing Reactive Power Injection Capability of Variable Speed Wind Turbines
N.R. Ullah and T. Thiringer (Sweden)
492-089 Estimation of Biomass Energy Supply and its Potential for Thai's Power Generation
J. Santisirisomboon, B. Limmeechokchai, S. Chungpaibulpatana, and J.S. Milindalekha (Thailand)
492-101 A Maximum Power Point Tracker for a PV Component of a Wind/Photovoltaic/Fuel Cell Distributed Generation Power System
P. Buasri and Z.M. Salameh (USA)
492-102 OPF Framework for Congestion Management in Deregulated Environments using Differential Evolution
A.A.Cuello-Reyna and J.R. Cedeño-Maldonado (Puerto Rico)
492-103 Simulation and Experimental Data of the Methanol Steam Reforming Process: Indication of Limiting Mechanisms
P.A. Erickson, N.T. Morris, D.D. Davieau, and J.M. Otero (USA)
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492-011 Wavelet Transform Application for the Calculation of the Circuit Breaker Operating Times
M.S. Silva, J.A. Jardini, and L.C. Magrini (Brazil)
492-016 New Approach for Retail of Electricity and Additional Services on a Deregulated Power Market
A.Z. Morch, H. Sæle (Norway), Z. Baida (The Netherlands), and S.I. Foss (Norway)
492-019 A New Approach to Modelling High Voltage Three-Phase Pipe Type Cable using Conformal Mapping
J. Moshtagh and R.K. Aggarwal (UK)
492-030 Forecasting Distribution CLPU Behaviour
D. Asber, S. Lefebvre, M. Saad, and C. Desbiens (Canada)
492-041 Assessment Study of Modeling and Simulation Tools for Distribution Power Systems
L. Nastac, P. Wang, R. Lascu, D. Costyk, M. Dilek, R. Broadwater (USA), M. Prica (Serbia), and S. Kuloor (Canada)
492-043 Telephony System Implementation using Power Line Communications
A. Darmand, A.B. Gutierrez, V. Watt, and L. Ngalamou (Jamaica)
492-051 A Comparative Study of Fuzzy Controlled Genetic Algorithms for Reconfiguration of Radial Distribution Systems
K. Prasad and N.C. Sahoo (Malaysia)
492-058 The Influence of Public Service Obligations on Distribution Network Tariffs
K. Verhaegen, L. Meeus, and R. Belmans (Belgium)
492-062 Evaluation of Energy-Saving Benefits for Green Buildings using Natural Daylight Strategy
W.-B. Lin and L. Wang (Taiwan)
492-084 Proposed Electricity Tariff Pricing for Newly Deregulated Transmission System in Saudi Arabia
M.M. Almulla and M.H. Shwehdi (Saudi Arabia)
492-086 The Application of Wu Method to Inverter SHEPWM Technique
C.-F. Zheng and B. Zhang (PRC)
492-090 Microcontroller based Embedded System Design for AMR
M.A. Choudhry, T. Mahmood, A. Hanif, and S. Amin (Pakistan)
492-097 Cogeneration Power Production in Market Environment: The Impact of the Heat Storage
L. Bartelj, M. Povh, D. Paravan, and R. Golob (Slovenia)
492-108 Condition Monitoring of DC Gas Insulated System using Acoustic Emission Technique
R. Sarathi, V. Dubey, and Y.G. Srinivasa (India)
492-109 Power Transformer Life Cycle Management using Fuzzy Logic Technique
M. Arshad and S.M. Islam (Australia)
492-801 Transient Analysis of a Mexican Hydraulic Micro-Grid of Distributed Generation
A. Medina and R. Peña (Mexico)
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492-053 An Improved Nonlinear Control for PEM Fuel Cells
W. Na and B. Gou (USA)
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This publication covers the following topics: Power Quality; Power Systems and Energy Conversion; Renewable Generation; and Power Transmission and Distribution.

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