Analysis for Hybrid Harmonic Filter and Its Effects on Distorted Power System

H. Lee, B. Park, and G. Jang (Korea)


Harmonic distortion, Hybrid Harmonic Filter, THD, Power quality, Power factor correction


– For last 10 years, the interest for harmonic problem is increasing following the increment of nonlinear loads. Expansion such as DC power system and spread of personal computer, UPS system, inverter and converter makes electric system more severe by being harmonic current source. In this paper, we suggest a new type of filter. We call it Hybrid Harmonic Filter that is only composed of passive elements. We expect that the filter can improve harmonic problems such as overheating of transformer, over-current on neutral-line, and power factor correction problems. In this paper, to see its excellent performance, we simulated test system with HHF and field test and measured harmonic voltage and harmonic current where it is applied.

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