Multiple Output SMPS using a Single Cuk Converter

J.B.V. Reddy, G. Bhuvaneswari, and B. Singh (India)


Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS), Input power quality, output voltage regulation, multiple-output SMPS, Cuk Converter


Switched Mode Power supplies (SMPS) are used in large numbers to power up personal computers and many other consumer electronic appliances. Most of these appliances need multiple output power supplies of different current ratings and hence employ several DC/DC converters for output voltage regulation. Moreover, considering the large number of SMPS that are being used, the input power quality becomes a matter of concern. In this paper, a novel weighted error control approach has been proposed for a multiple output SMPS with improved input power quality so that all the outputs can be controlled using a single Cuk converter thereby improving the reliability and cost-effectiveness of the system. The proposed system has been designed and then the designed circuit has been simulated in PSIM environment. The results obtained show an excellent performance of the power supply in terms of its output voltage regulation and input power quality.

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