Assessment Study of Modeling and Simulation Tools for Distribution Power Systems

L. Nastac, P. Wang, R. Lascu, D. Costyk, M. Dilek, R. Broadwater (USA), M. Prica (Serbia), and S. Kuloor (Canada)


Power distribution; modeling and simulation tools; software assessment; fault analysis.


The main purpose of this paper is to summarize the assessment results of some of the best available simulation and modeling tools for distribution power systems. Several software tools were identified using literature and internet searches as well as direct contact with a broad network of entities, such as national laboratories, utilities and their associations, commercial companies involved in modeling and analysis of electrical system performance, and universities. The assessment was performed to evaluate the required capabilities to comprehensively model and analyze the distribution power systems and to down select the identified software tools. Then, a fault analysis was conducted with the assessed software tools using the recorded fault data from a real circuit system. The fault data including the topology and the network data with more than 2000 elements were provided by Detroit Edison (DTE) Energy.

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