Condition Monitoring of DC Gas Insulated System using Acoustic Emission Technique

R. Sarathi, V. Dubey, and Y.G. Srinivasa (India)


: Partial Discharge, GIS, Acoustic emission, Condition monitoring, floating particle, corona


: The reliability of the SF6 gas filled GIS is adversely affected by the presence of foreign particles in the insulation structure, which initiates partial discharges leading to catastrophic failure of insulation structure. The literature on partial discharge activity study under the DC voltages in GIS is scanty. Having known all this, in the present work, a methodical experimental study was formulated to understand the partial discharge/corona activity associated with high voltage electrode and partial discharge activity due to floating metal particle, under DC voltages, in GIS using Acoustic Emission (AE) technique. The Acoustic emission signal parameters Viz. amplitude, rise time of the pulse, duration of the AE signal, counts and the energy content of the AE signal were analysed and the characteristics of discharges under different voltage profiles were explained. The characteristics of AE signal due to floating foreign particle/corona activity in GIS under DC voltage were compared and analysed.

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