Wavelet Transform Application for the Calculation of the Circuit Breaker Operating Times

M.S. Silva, J.A. Jardini, and L.C. Magrini (Brazil)


- Wavelet Transform, Multiresolution Analysis, circuit breaker operating time.


- This article describes the proposal of a new method for the determination of the circuit breaker operation times (opening, closing) through the application of the Wavelets Transform mathematical tool (WT), in the currents and voltages presents in the circuit breaker. This method makes use of the instantaneous measurements (samples) of voltages and currents stored by digital oscillographs or data acquisition units. The basic principle of the algorithm is presented through simulations in Matlab, which will be compared later with the information collected by the monitoring system directly of the current transducers (hall effect) installed in the opening and closing circuit of circuit breaker coil current.

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