A Maximum Power Point Tracker for a PV Component of a Wind/Photovoltaic/Fuel Cell Distributed Generation Power System

P. Buasri and Z.M. Salameh (USA)


Maximum power Point, photovoltaic


In this paper, a maximum power point tracker (MPPT) is developed for the photovoltaic(PV) arrays in a power distribution system composed of wind /PV/fuel fell. The MPPT is a step-down DC-DC converter connected to the 2.5 kW PV array which is in turn connected to a 24V deep discharge battery bank. Also an inverter for the AC load is installed for grid interactive operation. The MPPT uses power MOSFETs controlled by an external logic signal circuit for switching. The logic signal uses PWM technique to control the duty cycle at frequency of 52 kHz for extracting the maximum power at any irradiance. As a result of that, the MPPT has improved PV output power for different irradiance. The efficiency of the MPPT is high.

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