An Improved Mathematical Morphology Method and Its Application in the Power Quality Monitoring

S. Ouyang (PRC)


Power quality, mathematical morphology, signal processing, de-noising


The mathematical morphology (MM) method can locate the disturbances more quickly and more effective (to some extent) than wavelet transform (WT) method. But the most primary shortage is the single MM filter with the fixed structure elements can only deal with the specifically disturbance signals. Besides, as the power quality (PQ) disturbance signals are always corrupted by noises, the effect of the MM method is usually degraded by the noises. In this paper, the theory and points of traditional MM theory are introduced, and its characteristics and shortage are also analyzed at first. Then an improved MM (IMM) method is formed accordingly. In this method, appropriate structural elements are selected and different structural elements and their self-adaptive weighted combinations are used to deal with perturbation signals. Also, the threshold method inducted can improve the de-noising capability of the IMM method. In this way, the IMM method can carry out the de-noising and disturbance location task. Simulated results and practical application show that the proposed IMM method is practicable and possessed the advantages of simplicity, high calculation speed and easy hardware implementation.

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