On Some Aspects of Automatic Generation Control of a Two Area Hydro-Thermal System

S. Suri, M. Parida, P.K. Jena, and J. Nanda (India)


Automatic generation control, speed regulation parameter, generation rate constraint, mechanical governor NOMENCLATURE f = Nominal system frequency. i = Subscript referring to area (i=1, 2). * = Superscript denotes optimum values. Pri=Rated power of ith area. Hi =Inertia constant of ith area. ∆ Ptie = Incremental change in tie line power. ∆ PDi = Incremental load change of ith area. ∆ Pgi =Incremental generation change in ith area. Di = ∆ PDi/∆ fi. Tij = Synchronizing coefficien


: The paper deals with Automatic Generation Control (AGC) of a two area Hydro- Thermal system using conventional Proportional-Integral (PI) controllers .Hydro area is considered with a hydro turbine and a mechanical governor and the thermal area is considered with a single reheat turbine. Appropriate Generation Rate constraints (GRC) have been used for both thermal and Hydro plants. Optimization of temporary droop parameter (δ) for the mechanical governor has been carried out and responses of integral and PI controllers have been compared. Attempt has been made for proper selection of speed regulation parameter (R) and sampling period (T).The effect of tie strength on dynamic responses has been examined. Further, Sensitivity analysis has been carried out to examine the robustness of the controllers to wide changes in system parameters such as PD, H, TR, TG, and TW. System performance and optimum controller gain settings have been obtained considering small step load perturbations occurring in the thermal area, or in the hydro area or occurring simultaneously in both the areas.

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