The Application of Wu Method to Inverter SHEPWM Technique

C.-F. Zheng and B. Zhang (PRC)


Power electronic, Wu Method, Polynomial Equations, Selective Harmonic Elimination (SHE)


This paper applies the Wu Method to inverter Selective Harmonic Elimination (SHE) technique to calculate the precise solutions of switching angles. Here, the principle of Wu method is introduced and the possibility of using Wu method to SHE technique is discussed firstly. Then Based on building the harmonic elimination model of a three phase half-bridge bipolar inverter, a method solving the switching angles of bipolar inverter in real time based on Wu method is proposed. The results denote that all solutions of its harmonic model can be solved by Wu method. Then the switching angles’ linear expressions based on the solutions are gained by the fitting theory. So the initial values of the switching angles can be calculated according to the linear expressions, and the switching angles can be obtained in real time by Newton method. Finally, simulation and experiment results verify the proposed method.

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