Microcontroller based Embedded System Design for AMR

M.A. Choudhry, T. Mahmood, A. Hanif, and S. Amin (Pakistan)


AMR, Micro Controller, EEPROM, Keil software, Visual Basic, RS232.


The automatic meter reading (AMR) system has become a necessity for most utilities because of deregulation, free customer choice and open market competition. A trend towards replacing the electromechanical meters with new designs, that can transmit their reading without any human intervention is in progress. In spite of developing new systems, this paper describes methodology that can modify existing electromechanical disc-type energy meters to AMR. Visual Basic (VB) programming language is used to interface our prototype design with personal computer at company’s end. All the programming of microcontroller is done using Keil software. One such designed hardware unit can convert sixteen different meters data to AMR.

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