Comparative Performance Study of MAHUA METHYL ESTER as Diesel Fuel Substitute on DI Diesel Engine with Emphasis on Vibration & Noise as Potential Engine Parameters

G.R.K. Sastry, I.N.N. Kumar, S.C. Prasad, and B.V.A. Rao (India)


MME, C7112, DC11, FFT & time waveform


Recently the biomass resources are being used as alternative fuels and effective use of these fuels is gaining prominence as a substitute way to solve the problem of global warming and the energy crisis. In this work conventional laboratory equipment has been used for the transesterification of MAHUA oil to get MME. Various properties of MME have been tested for comparison with diesel fuel, further the investigations are carried out on a laboratory based D.I diesel engine to study it’s performance as well as the vibrational aspect. A trail was made to evaluate the feasibility for the possible replacement and it is concluded that the MME is suitable for replacement.

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