Hydro Generation Scheduling for a One Year Perspective

S.I. Palamarchuk and D.I. Legalov (Russia)


-- Hydrothermal power systems, Long term generation scheduling, Dynamics programming, Electricity generation price, Optimal schedule implementation


: Predominance of hydro power plant (HPP) generation in Electric power systems (EPS) needs coordinating among several HPPs in the river cascades. A technique for long-term generation scheduling is proposed for power systems with hydro power plants. A mathematical formulation of the problem supposes the application of dynamic programming method. An algorithm contains a number of simplifications to solve the problem in reasonable computing time. The results of yearly generation scheduling in the electric power system of Siberia show strong dependence of the total fuel cost on the optimal monthly electricity production by individual HPPs. The marginal prices of the electricity generated during a year and under different water conditions are calculated for power plants of the EPS of Siberia. The possibility of implementing the long-term optimal generation schedules at power plants by setting the electricity prices is shown.

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