Optimal Location for Capacitor Installation using Optimal Power Flow Sensitivity

P. Churueang and P. Damrongkulkamjorn (Thailand)


VAR compensation, optimal power flow, sensitivity analysis


This paper presents the application of optimal power flow sensitivity in evaluating the optimal capacitor location for injecting reactive power into a power system. After the optimal power flow is solved, the sensitivity analysis is applied to evaluate the change of total generation cost with respect to the change of reactive power at any bus. The optimal capacitor location is the location where an increase in reactive power injection yields the lowest total generation cost due to decreasing of total system losses. This method greatly reduces the computational work of computing optimal power flow for several different systems in which capacitors are to be installed. The sensitivity technique is applied to 5-bus and 9-bus test systems. The results show that the technique gives the same answers as the simple technique in which more calculations are needed.

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