Probability Analysis of Harmonic Currents Produced by AC-to-DC Converters with Various Firing Angles

K.-H. Liu and L. Wang (Taiwan)


Monte Carlo simulation, harmonic currents, expected value, mean value, covariance.


An efficient approach to evaluate the injected harmonic currents flowing into a power system due to the summation of randomly varying harmonic currents produced by AC-to-DC power converters is presented in this paper. A probabilistic model is established to derive the magnitude of the injected harmonic currents using the expected value and variance of the harmonic current sources. The simulated results using Monte Carlo simulation are compared with the ones of the proposed approach to validate the proposed scheme. In this paper, 10 AC-to-DC power converters with 4 different ranges of firing angle are examined and compared to clearly demonstrate the variations of the expected value, the standard deviation, and the covariance when the converter number is increased from one to ten. It can be concluded from the simulated results that the proposed scheme can be practically applied to evaluate the injected harmonic currents due to randomly varying harmonic currents generated by various nonlinear loads.

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