OPF Framework for Congestion Management in Deregulated Environments using Differential Evolution

A.A.Cuello-Reyna and J.R. Cedeño-Maldonado (Puerto Rico)


Congestion management, deregulated environment, electricity markets, evolutionary computation techniques, open transmission access, optimal power flow.


One of the most challenging operational aspects in restructured systems with open transmission access is the congestion management of the grid. With the trend of an increasing number of bilateral and multilateral contracts submitted to the Independent System Operator (ISO), the possibility of insufficient resources in the transmission system may be unavoidable. In this work, we use an evolutionary computation technique known as Differential Evolution (DE), as an optimization tool for solving various congested scenarios, including pool, bilateral and multilateral transactions; as well as to estimate how the optimization process is affected by the economic valuation of those transactions. A 6-bus system and a modified IEEE 14-bus test system were used to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed framework.

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