Wind Power Impact to Transient and Voltage Stability of the Power System in Eastern Denmark

J. Rasmussen, P. Jørgensen (Denmark), M.T. Palsson, and K. Uhlen (Norway)


Power system analysis, Transient stability, Voltage stability, Wind power modelling, Dynamic simulation, Ride-through capabilities.


Voltage stability, transient stability and reactive power compensation are extremely important issues for large scale integration of wind power in areas distant from the main transmission system in Eastern Denmark. This paper describes the application of a dynamic wind farm model in simulation studies for assessments of a large wind power penetration. The simulation results reveal problems with voltage stability due to the characteristic of wind turbine generation as well as the inability of the power system to meet the reactive power demand. Furthermore, the established model is applied to analyse challenges in system protection as means to reduce the risk of widespread blackouts.

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