Power Transformer Life Cycle Management using Fuzzy Logic Technique

M. Arshad and S.M. Islam (Australia)


Power Transformer, Ageing, Fuzzy Logic Modeling, and Life Cycle Management


Transformers are an integral part in ascertaining the reliability of any power utility. Utilities are facing considerable pressure to ensure their critical asset’s reliability due to deregulation, increased demand, economic pressures, and profit constrains. Most of the transformer develop faults and get critical over a period of time. A transformer’s condition is normally assessed by analyzing its historical data such as operational parameters, diagnostic tests and the environmental conditions in which it operates. Transformer life cycle management program facilitates a practicable operational and improved reliability criterion. A scientific life cycle management strategies for a transformer could be developed with precise monitoring, diagnostics together with expert systems. Where as the condition based maintenance has a proven impact on transformer’s reliability enhancement. Using fuzzy modeling, this paper presents transformer life cycle management strategies based on its remnant life and rate of ageing assessments. The life cycle management fuzzy modeling is carried out with diagnostics and real time data interpretation experience. Life cycle management fuzzy logic model ensures the asset to serve closer to its rated output and life without sacrificing its integrity.

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