Active Power Line Filter using Artificial Neural Network and Fuzzy Control

B.S. Lathika and S.A. Koya (India)


Power Quality, Active Filter, Artificial Neural Network, Fuzzy Logic.


The Active Power Filter uses power electronic switching to generate harmonic currents that cancel the harmonic currents from a non-linear load. The harmonic current content produced by the load is estimated. This harmonic current is considered as the reference current. The reference value is compared with the saw-tooth wave of high frequency and switching signals for the VSI are generated. VSI will generate the required compensation current. This paper introduces a modified Active Power Filter using Artificial Neural Network and Fuzzy Logic controls. The harmonic compensation current estimation is done by using ADALINE Neural Network. The current wave form canceling harmonics is achieved with the VSI in the current controlled mode and the interfacing filter. In this paper the pulse width modulation control is done using the modern techniques like ANN and Fuzzy Logic. The proposed technique provides a dynamic harmonic elimination and adaptive control.

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