Simulation and Experimental Data of the Methanol Steam Reforming Process: Indication of Limiting Mechanisms

P.A. Erickson, N.T. Morris, D.D. Davieau, and J.M. Otero (USA)


Steam Reformation, Energy Conversion, Hydrogen, Methanol


With the rising demand for fuel cell technology and alternative fuel sources, there is further need for research and accurate models of hydrogen production methods. One method for producing this hydrogen is through steam reformation of a hydrocarbon fuel. This paper outlines the results of a steady-state model developed for the steam reformation of methanol. The purpose for developing this model is to act as a baseline for comparison with empirical results generated from the steam reformers at the Hydrogen Production and Utilization Laboratory at the University of California, Davis. From a comparison of the model and experimental data, the presence of limiting mechanisms in the reforming process was determined. These limitations accentuate the need for further research of the reformation of hydrocarbon fuels.

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