Internet and Multimedia Systems and Applications    (IMSA 2006)

August 14 – 16, 2006
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Editor(s): J.-N. Hwang
218 pages
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Track IMSA Applications FreeSubscription
535-002 A Proposal of Credit Transfer System using OWL in Education
J. Guo and H. Kobayashi (Japan)
535-009 U-Shopping Mall Service Model and Architecture using Mobile RFID
K.-T. Kim and M.-J. Kim (Korea)
535-036 COTS Technologies for Internet based Monitoring of Livestock Buildings
J.J. Jessen, J.F.D. Nielsen, H. Schiøler, and M.R. Jensen (Denmark)
535-048 QVT based Model Transformation for Design Pattern Evolutions
J. Dong, S. Yang, Y. Sun, and W.E. Wong (USA)
535-050 A Goal-Oriented Foreign Language Learning System with Semantic Information Filtering
T. Sasaki, S. Sasaki, and Y. Kiyoki (Japan)
535-091 Secure Mechanism for Transferring Multimedia Content over Mobile Networks through Handheld Devices
D. Jayaram, S.V. Anand, K.B. Sharath, and B. Shanmukhi (India)
535-800 A Continuous Media Data Rendering System for Visualizing Psychological Impression-Transition
F. Yara, N. Yoshida, S. Sasaki, and Y. Kiyoki (Japan)
Track Collaborative Systems and Distance Learning FreeSubscription
535-020 One Flexible End System-based Self-Coordinating Approach for Internet Conferencing
W. Ma and R. Tian (PRC)
535-030 A Study on the Sequencing Element to use Edu-Game Content
S. Oh (Korea)
535-034 An Interactive Model of the Browsing Behavior in Hypermedia Learning System
R.Y.-L. Ting (Taiwan)
535-037 Design Issues for a Collaborative On-Line Environment Supporting People at Different Stages of a Life-Threatening Illness
M. Radzikowska (Canada)
535-039 Searching through Spatial Relationships using the 2DR-tree
W. Osborn and K. Barker (Canada)
535-040 Success Factors for an Efficient Blended eLearning
S. Al Sharhan, A. Al-Hunaiyyan (Kuwait), and W. Gueaieb (Canada)
535-047 Digital Notes Organizer and Retrieval System
A. Varadarajan, N. Patel, and B. Maxim (USA)
Track Web and Internet Systems and Tools FreeSubscription
535-017 Design of Multi-UII Resolution System Architecture using Object Identifiers
J.S. Lee, H.J. Jeon, S.K. Yoo, Y.W. Kim, and H.J. Kim (Korea)
535-029 An Ontology-based Advice System for Health and Exercise
S. Izumi, D. Kuriyama, G. Itabashi, A. Togashi, Y. Kato, and K. Takahashi (Japan)
535-032 Home Network Diagnosis System Design
H.-F. Lu, S.-H. Chang, B.-J. Huang, J.-L. Chen, B. Huang, and M.-C. Yang (Taiwan)
535-042 An Approach for Accessible Map-based Websites
C. Stiller, F. Roß, R. Rost, and M. Stein (Germany)
535-054 Identity-based Deniable Authentication Protocol from Pairings
I-E. Liao, C.-C. Lee, and M.-S. Hwang (Taiwan)
535-061 An Agent based Certificate Revocation Scheme for Public Key Management in Mobile and Wireless AdHoc Networks
V.K. Munirajan and E. Cole (USA)
535-078 Performance Enhancement and Service Differentiation for Live Video and Audio over IEEE 802.11e Network
Y.-T. Chen and L.-B. Hsu (Taiwan)
535-079 A High Performance Redundant Nested Invocation Suppression Mechanism for Active Replication Fault-Tolerant Web Service
C.-L. Fang and J.-Y. Huang (Taiwan)
535-085 Consideration on the Integration of Ubiquitous and Grid Technologies
H. Sugiuchi, T. Koita, and K. Sato (Japan)
Track Multimedia Information Systems FreeSubscription
535-011 An Algorithm to Improve VoIP Data Traffic Rate over Internet
S. Misbahuddin (Saudia Arabia), N. Al-Holou (USA), and N. Boulejfen (Saudia Arabia)
535-014 Threshold-based Overlapped Bi-Directional Motion Compensated Frame Interpolation
Z.-H. Ou, S.-Y. Huang, and Y.-K. Lee (Taiwan)
535-019 Evaluation of Achieved Video Quality in Wireless Multimedia Transmission using UDP-Lite
J. Vehkaperä, J. Peltola, J. Huusko, M. Myllyniemi, and M. Majanen (Finland)
535-021 Cross-Layer Optimization for Multi-Camera Streaming over Ad Hoc Networks
Y. Yang, L. Sun, K. Liang, and Y. Zhong (PRC)
535-023 Figure-Ground Separation for Vector Graphics with Contour Detection
T. Hayashi, K. Shibata, R. Onai, and K. Abe (Japan)
535-027 Clustering and Aggregation of Relational Data with Applications to Image Database Categorization
H. Frigui and C. Hwang (USA)
535-043 A Video Object Segmentation Scheme to Lower Complexity in Multi-View Video Coding
X. Wei and I. Ahmad (USA)
535-045 A Design of Robust Omnidirectional Audio-Visual Talker Localizer
Y. Denda, T. Nishiura, and Y. Yamashita (Japan)
535-067 Delay Constrained Spatio-Temporal Video Rate Control for Time-Varying Rate Channels
M.-j. Lee (Korea)
535-071 Collision Probability and Period of Ranging in WiBro
D.Y. Lee, J.C. Shin, Y.-S. Jang, and H.-S. Cho (Korea)
535-077 A Media-on-Demand System with Scalable Media Formats
L.-C. Kuo, F.-G. Chang, C.-Y. Wu, S.-M. Hsu, and K.-H. Cheng (Taiwan)
535-086 A Survey on Current Challenges and Future Directions for Multimedia Information Retrieval Systems
W. Farag and S. Ali (USA)
535-089 On High Performance File Distribution over Peer-to-Peer Networks
T.-Y. Chung, Y.-H. Chang, K.-H. Chen, and Y.-M. Chen (Taiwan)
535-092 Evaluation of Camera Work Analysis Supporting Shot Retrieval System
T. Lertrusdachakul, T. Aoki, and H. Yasuda (Japan)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
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This conference covers all aspects of Internet and Multimedia Systems and Applications including but not limited to: Web and Internet Systems and Tools; Internet Architectures; Web and Internet Tools; Web Design; Internet Search Technologies; Optimization Techniques; Protection and Security; Privacy; Fault Tolerance; Internet Computing; Parallel and Distributed Processing; Java-based Applications for Web; Software Agents; Expert Systems; Knowledge-based Systems; Computer Vision; Multimedia Information Systems; Multimedia Tools and Architectures; Multimedia Broadcasting Systems on the Web; Operating System Support for Multimedia; Multimedia Communication Systems; Multimedia Networking; Distributed Multimedia Systems; Content-based Multimedia Retrieval; Multimedia Performance and Management; Mobile Multimedia; Video-on-Demand; Digital Video Broadcasting; IP-based Networks; ATM Networks; Transport Protocols; Routing Protocols; Quality of Service; Scheduling; Resource Management; Multimedia Technologies and Games; Database Management Systems; Databases and the Web; Intelligent Databases; Multimedia Databases; Digital Libraries; Data Modelling; Data Warehousing; Data Mining; Database Ontology; Coding and Compression; Digital Watermarking; Video Storage Servers; Information Retrieval; Collaborative Systems and Distance Learning; Distance Learning; Educational Multimedia; Distributed Learning; Collaborative Learning; Collaborative Systems and Applications; Virtual Reality; Video Conferencing; Computer Animation; Human-Computer Interfaces; Modelling and Simulation; Electronic Commerce; Mobile Commerce; Internet Banking; Business; Medicine; Engineering; Education; and Entertainment.

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