An Interactive Model of the Browsing Behavior in Hypermedia Learning System

R.Y.-L. Ting (Taiwan)


Hypermedia, browsing behavior, and instructional design


As the advance of information technologies, the human computer interface interaction is enriched with various technical functions. Among these various types of interactions, the browsing behavior in hypermedia learning systems is used as a mediator to understand the learning transaction and involved factors. According to previous literature, these factors include cognitive preferences, knowledge levels, learner controls, browsing goals, and content structures etc.. In these studies, each factor was investigated individually, but little research has been done to explore their relationships. Based on these factors, a model depicting the relationships of these factors affecting the browsing behavior is proposed. According to the proposed model, practical design guideline for hypermedia learning is suggested. In addition, two folds of differences are asserted to emphasize the role of the proposed model in hypermedia instructional design. It is hoped that a clearer picture for guiding the instructional design in the hypermedia learning system can be provided.

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