A Study on the Sequencing Element to use Edu-Game Content

S. Oh (Korea)


Edu-game, sequencing, Individualized study and SCORM


Edu-game has been a big issue with the interest of e Learning, rapid development of Korea game industry and a new educational trend using game. Edu-game is based on both game and e-Learning, and learners, who persue both fun and learn at the same time, pay attention to edu games. However, relatively many people are not positive about the educational achievement through edu-games. To overcome negative opinions and to be recognized as an effective educational method, a new approach is needed to develop edu-games. In this article, under an assumption that an edu-game is consisted of independent edu-game objects, edu-game sequencing elements are developed. Therefore, one individualized edu-game content could be used in different curriculums to provide individualized study for each person, and could reduce the cost and time for developing an edu-game.

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