Secure Mechanism for Transferring Multimedia Content over Mobile Networks through Handheld Devices

D. Jayaram, S.V. Anand, K.B. Sharath, and B. Shanmukhi (India)


DRM Client, MMS, Home Networking, Push to View.


Security being the prime factor for data transfer across the networks, Digital Rights issue is a key concern for the Communication Engineers. Digital Rights Management (DRM) provides an effective solution for secure digital content distribution by content generators and/or distributors and ensures protection to the digital content. In this paper, we propose our Digital Rights Management Client Framework that supports all the three DRM features which also interfaces with mobile applications such as Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), Push 2 View and Home Networking. With this flexible design, any new multimedia mobile application can be easily interfaced with this framework for secure digital data transfer and management across all mobile networks.

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