Home Network Diagnosis System Design

H.-F. Lu, S.-H. Chang, B.-J. Huang, J.-L. Chen, B. Huang, and M.-C. Yang (Taiwan)


Home networking, information appliance, OSGi, heterogeneous network, network management and diagnosis


Digital home of the near future will include many new home appliances and various heterogeneous networking technologies. Additionally, an integrated interface and platform is necessary to effectively manage the information appliances and heterogeneous networks. The Open Services Gateway Initiative (OSGi) satisfies this requirement by providing various wide area network accesses and a managed, extensible framework to connect various devices in a local network. This study constructs an OSGi-based home network diagnosis system to speed up the realization of the digital home network. The managed objects in a home network are the applications and the various promising network technologies. The home network diagnosis system first analyzes the applications and networks in order to build the application dependencies and network topologies. The home network diagnosis system then diagnoses faults in the home network according to the information in the expert system and trouble-shoots them automatically.

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