Consideration on the Integration of Ubiquitous and Grid Technologies

H. Sugiuchi, T. Koita, and K. Sato (Japan)


Internet Computing, the Grid, Ubiquitous Computing Environments, GlobusToolkit


A wide variety of grid technologies have already been researched and developed with the main aim of implementing high-performance computing. Even the major vendors are actively researching and developing grid technology, and have brought out numerous systems and software products. The grid allows distributed environments to be constructed on a global scale through the use of large numbers of computers. In fact numerous grids have already been constructed on a global scale and are being used in practice as the infrastructure for distributed processing environments. Meanwhile, studies have also been conducted with the aim of using the grid infrastructure as a ubiquitous distributed processing environment. However, grid middleware has chiefly been developed in order to implement high-performance computing, so in order to use it in a ubiquitous environment it would be necessary to investigate the functions that ubiquitous environments would need to have from the viewpoint of grid middleware. In this study we will outline the latest research trends where the grid is used as a ubiquitous environment, particularly with regard to the points of intersection between the grid and the ubiquitous environment, and we will investigate the functions needed when applying ubiquitous environments to grid middleware.

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