Cross-Layer Optimization for Multi-Camera Streaming over Ad Hoc Networks

Y. Yang, L. Sun, K. Liang, and Y. Zhong (PRC)


Cross-layer, ad hoc, rate allocation


In this paper, we study the case that a number of cameras capture and transfer video sequences to a receiver over ad hoc networks, just as surveillance scenarios. In order to promote video qualities against unstable channel and limited bandwidth, we improve an existed dynamic rate allocation scheme for multi-camera surveillance using cross-layer techniques. Our scheme contains rate allocation and encoding scheme for real and complicated environment. To minimize the total distortion, the relationship between rates and streaming qualities is evaluated, and the sources are encoded in the way specified by the receiver, inserting timely I-frames to avoid quality descending. Experiment result shows that the proposed scheme promotes the average PSNR by 1.2 – 5.0 dB for most cameras.

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