Delay Constrained Spatio-Temporal Video Rate Control for Time-Varying Rate Channels

M.-j. Lee (Korea)


spatio-temporal video rate control, delay constraint, distor tion models, time-varying channel


In this paper, we propose a delay constrained spatio temporal video rate control method for lossy channels where the effective channel rate available to the video en coder is time-varying. The video encoder jointly con trols quantization and frame-skip under the end-to-end de lay constraint to minimize the average distortion of video frames in real-time. By using empirically obtained rate quantization and distortion-quantization relations of video, the distortion models of skipped and coded frames in near future can be calculated in real-time. For the window ex panding from the current to the firstly coded frame includ ing the skipped frames in between, the number of frames to skip from the current and the quantization parameter(QP) for the firstly coded frame are decided in the direction to minimize the average distortion of frames in the window. From the simulation results, the proposed method is shown to enhance the average PSNR performance compared to TMN8 with some increase in the number of skipped frames and less number of delay violations.

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