On High Performance File Distribution over Peer-to-Peer Networks

T.-Y. Chung, Y.-H. Chang, K.-H. Chen, and Y.-M. Chen (Taiwan)


peer-to-peer, file distribution, capacity amplification, pene tration.


Many studies in overlay networking have focused on re source discovery. However, the performance of file dis tribution in an overlay network also depends on how peer servers schedule their services. This work studies the inte grated performance of peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing sys tems using various resource discovery and service schedul ing schemes. Novel service scheduling schemes and proto cols, Capacity Amplification (CA) and its variant CA with Penetration (CAP), are proposed to enhance the perfor mance of file distribution in overlay networks. Addition ally, location-aware resource discovery contributes posi tively to the performance of P2P file sharing systems. This study also examines the effect of link capacity, distance be tween peers, peers’ live time and peers’ service potential on the performance of P2P file sharing systems. The simu lation results indicate that a high-performance P2P file dis tribution system needs both an efficient resource recovery scheme and a good service scheduling scheme.

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