An Approach for Accessible Map-based Websites

C. Stiller, F. Roß, R. Rost, and M. Stein (Germany)


Web and Internet Systems and Tools, Accessibility, Map Based Services, Web Design


With the dawn of a new generation of Internet-based ap plications, more and more interactivity between the user and a website can be provided. Faster connections and the use of new technologies like JavaScript and AJAX smooth the way to what is nowadays called the vision of a ”Web v2.0”. This ongoing trend led amongst others to a grow ing range of map-based Internet applications. The field of application starts with common tasks like route plan ning or Yellow Pages-like services and ends somewhere in the business-world with tracking of goods or employ ees. The arising problem one can see when visiting such websites is the lack of accessibility of these services. Ei ther the latest extensions or plugins are needed or only cer tain web-browsers are supported. But also the overall user interaction does not match the experience most of todays Internet-users have gained from visiting traditional web sites. This paper presents an approach to the design of map-based websites that offer the comfort of the newest web-technologies but does not exclude users who cannot or do not want to use them.

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