Digital Notes Organizer and Retrieval System

A. Varadarajan, N. Patel, and B. Maxim (USA)


Pen-based Computing, LSI, Information retrieval, Student, Class notes


Mobile devices such as PDAs and Tablet PCs have gained popularity in introducing new pedagogical approaches and active learning experiences. The current tools that support note taking severely limit in coalescing the abstract notes with the underlying copious information and hence are de moted in being an efficient study tool. We propose an intel ligible system that efficiently addresses the inherent subjec tivity in student perception of note taking and information retrieval. We employ an innovative idea of cross indexing the digital ink notes with matching electronic documents in the document repository. We perform intra-document in dexing along with document indexing which handles pol ysemy efficiently. We define intra document indexing as indexing pages in each document based on its relevance to the query. We tested our methods on 5 full courses with approximately 12 lectures per course. A detailed usability analysis on the system was done with a total of 25 students. The results from the above exploratory studies reveal that the proposed system indeed provide highly enhanced stu dent learning experience.

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