Design of Multi-UII Resolution System Architecture using Object Identifiers

J.S. Lee, H.J. Jeon, S.K. Yoo, Y.W. Kim, and H.J. Kim (Korea)


RFID, Object Identifier, Multi-UII


RFID systems are implemented to mutually connect related ones for specific applications. Current RFID systems are designed to deal only with tag data written for specific purposes. However, RFID systems are no longer said to be suitable for specific enviroment due to dramatically expanding application fields caused by escalating interests in RFID and rapid technology development. Thus, means to handle multiple UIIs are required. However, due to rapid development of various kinds of new UIIs, updating all RFID systems everytime new UIIs appear is tedious and almost impossible. This paper proposes means to design system architecture for resolving multi-UII using OID.

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