An Algorithm to Improve VoIP Data Traffic Rate over Internet

S. Misbahuddin (Saudia Arabia), N. Al-Holou (USA), and N. Boulejfen (Saudia Arabia)


VoIP, Data reduction algorithms, QoV,QoS


Voice Over IP (VoIP) is the ability to send voice, fax and video data over IP data networks. In VoIP systems, the IP protocol is used to transfer the information after converting them into IP packets. Due to its significant advantages over conventional telephone systems, VoIP technology is drawing attraction of researchers, business community and common people. To reduce voice call bandwidth, standard compression algorithms are used in VoIP systems. However, the voice quality is impaired with high compression ratios. This paper presents a data reduction algorithm to improve the information transfer rate for voice signals over an IP network. The algorithm is based on the data repetition possibilities in digitized voice frame generated by VoIP system. The proposed algorithm generates a compression code to indicate the repetitions of some data bits in an IP voice frame. The compression code is not generated, if data bits are not repeated. With the application of the proposed data reduction algorithm, off-the-shelf data compression algorithms may not be needed. Therefore, the proposed algorithm retains the voice quality along with improvement in data transfer rate.

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