Collision Probability and Period of Ranging in WiBro

D.Y. Lee, J.C. Shin, Y.-S. Jang, and H.-S. Cho (Korea)


Portable internet, ranging, WiBro.


In this paper, the ranging collision probability in WiBro, Korean standard for portable internet services based on IEEE 802.16, is mathematically derived. Varying the num ber of ranging codes and the number of ranging regions the collision probability is analyzed from the view point of both radio access station (RAS) and portable subscriber sta tion (PSS). Based on the analysis, the appropriate ranging management solution in terms of ranging codes and regions could be obtained. In addition, the optimum ranging period is also derived by the maximum time duration where the ranging code is correctly recognized against the synchro nization disagreement. In this analysis user mobility fea tures such as speed and moving direction are considered.

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