U-Shopping Mall Service Model and Architecture using Mobile RFID

K.-T. Kim and M.-J. Kim (Korea)


Censor Network, Mobile RFID, Location based Service, Ubiquitous


: In this paper, we propose Ubiquitous Shopping Mall service with Mobile RFID. The concept of Mobile RFID service is a combination of RFID technology with handset and mobile network. There are 2 kinds of Mobile RFID services. One is Tag based service and the other is Reader based service. What we describe as U-Shopping Mall Service in this paper is Tag based service. U-Shopping Mall service with Mobile RFID can provide an exact targeting location based service. Shopping Malls can give customers sales promotion and various value added services through scanning RFID tags. In this paper, we design Mobile RFID for U-Shopping Mall and describe mobile handset platform with RFID tag and service platform for this service model.

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