Education and Technology    (ICET 2005)

July 4 – 6, 2005
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Editor(s): T.C. Montgomerie, J.R. Parker
337 pages
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Track Administration FreeSubscription
495-043 Managing an Academic Institution using the Metaphor of Virtual Community
L. Colazzo, S. Marchiori, and A. Molinari (Italy)
495-053 Exploring the Use of the IMS Learning Design Specification for Facilitating Formative Assessment
E. Heinrich (New Zealand)
495-085 Quality Management System of Higher Education Courses
R. Llamosa-Villalba, A. Llamosa Ardila, A. Guerrero Alarcón, J. Gómez Gutiérrez, L. Pinilla, S. Castellanos Gálvis, L. Castellanos, and V. H. Sanchez (Colombia)
495-108 The Power of Emotional Intelligence in Public Managerial Communication
G. Marinescu (Romania)
495-114 Preliminary Findings from the Implementation of e-Learning at the University of Namibia
T.K. Mufeti (Africa)
Track Web-based Learning and e-Learning I FreeSubscription
495-027 Web-based Lecturing: A Case Study of the CUSB Certificate Program in Translation
M. Nyongwa, I.Woungang, and M.W. Santos (Canada)
495-067 Pedagogical Challenges in Connection to Faculty Development in Web-based Education
M. Stigmar and R. Körnefors (Sweden)
495-090 Integrating Problem-Solving Strategies and Fieldwork into an Authentic Online Learning Environment
G. Brickell, J. Herrington, and B. Harper (Australia)
495-104 A Framework for Uniformly Visualizing and Interacting with Algorithms in E-Learning
A. Paramythis, S. Loidl, J.R. Mühlbacher, and M. Sonntag (Austria)
Track Computers, Software, and Tools FreeSubscription
495-012 Ubiquitous Data Sampling and Augmented Real-Time Monitoring System
S. Wang (USA), F. Shao (PRC), and M.M. Behrmann (USA)
495-028 An Algorithm for Extracting Important Sentences from Papers Submitted by Students
S.-I. Kazuhiro (Japan)
495-050 A Generic and Extensible Tool for Marking Programming Assignments
G. Tremblay, F. Guérin, and A. Pons (Canada)
495-056 The Development and Implementation of Mobile Learning Content for Field Activities
B. Kim (South Korea)
495-060 Empowering Teachers in Courseware Development through Learning Management Systems: The Case of the Oldest University in Asia
Y.Q. Bongalos, D.D.R. Bulaon, L.P. Celedonio, A.B. de Guzman, and C.J.F. Ogarte (Phillipines)
495-078 Printing Out Trees: Toward the Design of Tangible Objects for Education
D. Andersen, C. Bennett, P. Huynh, L. Rassbach, S. Reardon, and M. Eisenberg (USA)
Track Learning Objects FreeSubscription
495-009 Evaluation of a Learning Repository System Approach Established in the Schools and Faculties of Information Technology and Computer Science in Three Large Universities
J. Bell (Australia)
495-061 Data-Band of Electromagnetic Still and Animated Graphics for Teaching over the Internet
S.R.H. Hoole, S. Aravinthan, T. Kuganeswaran, R. Vasanthakumar, and T. Gnanakumar (Sri Lanka)
495-062 Integration of Remote Laboratory Exercises into Learning Management Systems
S. Kolberg and T.A. Fjeldly (Norway)
495-094 Reusable Learning Designs in University Education
S. Bennett, S. Agostinho, and L. Lockyer (Australia)
495-100 Experimental Study on the Reuse of Learning Objects and Teaching Practices
J.-M. Robert and G. Gingras (Canada)
495-119 Learning Object Recommender Systems
W. Ma (Canada)
Track Methodology I FreeSubscription
495-004 Learning from Animated/Static Diagrams: Learners Opinions of CAL Materials and Environments
R. Naz Awan and B. Stevens (UK)
495-013 A Visual Communication Design Curriculum for the Digital Age
E.D. Aydın and C. Budak (Turkey)
495-034 A Simple Computer Model based on Visualization, Analogy and Collaboration
J.T. Khalife (Lebanon)
495-037 An Analysis of the Design Features of Three Mixed-Mode Courses in a Master's Degree Programme
D. Pratt (South Africa)
495-040 Student Self-Regulatory Resource Management Strategies and Academic Achievement in a Web-based Hybrid Graduate Nursing Course
D. Kumrow (USA)
495-042 A Holistic Maturity Model for IT Aligned University Education: IA-LMM
S.D. Fernando (The Netherlands, Sri Lanka), A.N.W. Dahanayake, and H.G. Sol (The Netherlands)
Track Web-based and e-Learning II FreeSubscription
495-044 Camera-based Control for a Distance Education System
S. Huttunen, J. Heikkilä, and O. Silvén (Finland)
495-049 Time-Scale Modification for Online Learning: Making the Most of One's Ears
C.-A. Julien and J.-M. Robert (Canada)
495-064 Teaching it Face2Face: Utilizing Web-Lecturing Technologies
R. Callaghan, J. Kruger, and M. Herselman (South Africa)
495-073 A Web-based Simulation Framework for Learning of Microelectronics System Behavior
S. Kajtazovic, V. Derbek, C. Steger, A. Schuhai, and M. Pistauer (Austria)
495-102 Qualitative Assessment of Student's Critical Thinking Skills on Asynchronous Online Discussions
Y.-T. C. Yang (Taiwan)
Track Methodology II FreeSubscription
495-026 Interdisciplinary Project Based Learning (IPBL) in the Imaging Technology Center: A Case Study
O. Al Shara and N.L. Baker (UAE)
495-080 Asynchronous Distance Delivery: Low Cost and Maintenance, Recorded Lecture based Learning
K.H. Huen and L.G. Cuthbert (UK)
495-099 PD Ticket: Professional Development for Technology Integration into the Curriculum - Knowledge Extended Telecollaboratively
M. Rex (Canada)
495-107 A Survey on Collaborative Work Between Professors
J.-M. Robert, R. de Souza Vieira, S. Noël (Canada), and N. Dos Santos (Brazil)
495-800 Evaluation of Factors Influencing a Blended Learning Course Effectiveness
N.S. Edward (UK)
Track Psychology FreeSubscription
495-031 Technology, Mathematics, and Science: What do Teachers and Students Think?
Q. Li (Canada)
495-069 Supporting Active Cognitive Processing on a Deep Structure Level in Multimedia Learning
H. Samaras, T. Giouvanakis, D. Bousiou, and K. Tarabanis (Greece)
495-075 Affective Considerations in Distance e-Learning
N. Hedge and D. MacDonald (UK)
495-096 Semantic Error Occurrences in the Multimedia Communications
K.W. Lee (Malaysia)
495-803 A Research of Adolescents' Experience of Cyber-Harassment
Q. Li and T. Beran (Canada)
Track Special Session: Integrating Technology into a Problem-based Learning Environment FreeSubscription
495-063 Scaffolding Clinical Problem based Learning WITHIN an Online Collaborative Environment
L. Lockyer and J. Patterson (Australia)
495-809 The Interface of Problem-based Learning and Technology: The Sonic Experience
C. Gibbon and M. McLoughlin (UK)
495-810 Subject Modularization and Research Projects with High School Students on Mathematical Image Processing
S. Kim, H. Lim, D.N. Kim, and M. Tynan (USA)
495-812 Indicators of Aptitude in the Learning of Science WITHIN the One-Day-One-Problem Problem based Learning Pedagogy
A. Chua, T.L. Pheng, and T. Chong (Singapore)
495-813 The Epistemology and Pedagogy of PBL: The Application of Technology to Support Problem-based Learning for Critical Contestability
G. O'Grady (Singapore)
Track Instructional Design FreeSubscription
495-029 Improving the Biomedical Engineering Design Course Process
P.H. King and J.M.T. Walker (USA)
495-058 Open Repository of Lesson Plans for Web-based Teaching
T. Ishikawa (Japan)
495-089 Representations in Circuit Design: A Test of Goel's Theory of Notationality
D.K. Sobek, II and D. Patel (USA)
495-093 A Web-based Platform for Teaching Computer Programming in Distance Education
H. Wang (Canada)
495-113 Enhancing Student Learning in Mechanics through Rapid-Feedback
J. Kadlowec, J. Chen, and D. Whittinghill (USA)
495-802 The Learners' Platform: Developing Multimodal Literacies in a Digital Age
W. Brown, G. Hartwick, and J. Lapadat (Canada)
Track Special Session: Computer Games for Learning and Teaching FreeSubscription
495-039 Games and Learning Styles
K. Becker (Canada)
495-091 Universe Touring Machine
S. Jaeger and J.R. Parker (Canada)
495-092 The "Simularium" - A Large Scale Interactive Tiled Display System for Collaborative Learning
P.E. Mantey and J.J. Richards (USA)
495-105 Virtual Reality and HCI in a Simulated Scientific Laboratory
G.W. Meisner and H. Hoffman (USA)
495-806 Rochester Castle MMORPG: Applying Instructional Gaming to Collaborative Learning and Teaching Practice at a West Australian High School
M. Lee, K. Eustace, A. Bytheway, G. Fellows, and L. Irving (Australia)
495-814 Introducing a Dedicated Prototype Application Tool for Measuring Student's Online Learning Levels of Engagement in a Problem-based Learning Context
P. K. Oriogun and E. Ramsay (UK)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
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This publication covers the following topics: Administration; Web-based Learning and e-Learning; Computers, Software, and Tools; Learning Objects; Methodology; Psychology; Integrating Technology into a Problem-based Learning Environment; Instructional Design; and Computer Games for Learning and Teaching.

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