A Holistic Maturity Model for IT Aligned University Education: IA-LMM

S.D. Fernando (The Netherlands, Sri Lanka), A.N.W. Dahanayake, and H.G. Sol (The Netherlands)


IT alignment, learning objects, elearning, evolutionary course development, maturity models, IT Aligned Learning Maturity Model


Evolutionary course development is a necessity, especially in IT university education, to be competitive in the demanding environment. Development of IT aligned learning objects to form evolutionary courses that are deployed through an e-learning system is the dynamics of such a university. To evaluate necessary variables or processes for such an activity, a theoretical framework should exist to provide a basis for quantifiable measurements. While existing maturity models provide some framework for such an evaluation, we are in the opinion that a holistic model that considers IT aligned learning environment, IT infrastructure, as well as their mutual coordination, does not exist. This paper presents IT Aligned Learning Maturity Model (AL-LMM) together with IT Aligned Capability Index (IACI) to provide a holistic maturity model. IA-LMM is a comprehensive 2 dimentional model providing a framework to assess their status of educational environment with respect to both IT infrastructure and e-learning aspects. It also can be used as a road map for improvement of a university educational environment. IACI quantitatively indicates how well both the infrastructure and e-learning aspects are coordinated.

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