Quality Management System of Higher Education Courses

R. Llamosa-Villalba, A. Llamosa Ardila, A. Guerrero Alarcón, J. Gómez Gutiérrez, L. Pinilla, S. Castellanos Gálvis, L. Castellanos, and V. H. Sanchez (Colombia)


Organizational Modelling, Higher Education Quality, Metrics, Digital Education, Knowledge and Software Engineering.


This paper describes the knowledge management environment research in organizational and processes modelling, particularly, in Quality Management System of Higher Education Courses (QMS-HEC). The model is sustained in Software and Knowledge Engineering technologies, Quality Management, Learning Technology Standards (LTS) and concepts of Active Learning with projects related with society, technology and environment. The document analyzes, synthesizes and assesses the standards of planning, design, construction, management and supervision of directional, primary and support processes in an educational organization. This model (as software prototype development using the Information and Communications Technologies -ICT-) was implemented to build, to verify, to validate and to evidence its utility in the Intelligent Systems Area of the Electrical, Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering School of the Industrial University of Santander in Colombia. This paper includes two scenarios: the engineering process to model “the knowledge”, “the doing” and “the being” of resources, relationships, processes, variables and indicators; and the operational process to develop real cases. The model has been validated during one year (2004) with two examples: Statistic and Probability for Engineers and Technological Base Entrepreneuring Courses. This document finishes describing the research impact in the Colombian educational community.

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