Teaching it Face2Face: Utilizing Web-Lecturing Technologies

R. Callaghan, J. Kruger, and M. Herselman (South Africa)


Web-lecturing technologies, whole brain teaching


The researcher is currently teaching the course Database Principles at the residential Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) in South Africa and has done so for the past four semesters. During this period the course has evolved from a lecturer-centered theoretical approach to a more learner centered and practical / hands-on approach. Several challenges have surfaced with this new approach, such as handling the few distance learning students, managing group projects, administrating continuous assessments as well as ensuring/controlling students’ active participation in various activities. After an intensive course re-design several electronic and web lecturing elements were developed – each with the aim of addressing one/more of abovementioned challenges. These elements are currently included in the teaching process for this course. This paper comments on the successes and failures of some of these implementations. It focuses on the influence of the integration of web lecturing technologies with other lecturing methods and teaching strategies on the teaching of the course. It also comments on the student’s experiences of this new approach.

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