Technology, Mathematics, and Science: What do Teachers and Students Think?

Q. Li (Canada)


Technology, secondary math and science learning, teacher perception, student perception


This paper critically examines teachers’ and their students’ views about technology integration in schools. This is explored through the comparison of teacher and student view points. Specifically, what are their perceptions in terms of attitudes, readiness, and pedagogy? Two sets of data were collected for this study: teacher and student data. The teacher data were collected from interviews of 15 secondary teachers from 2 urban and 2 rural schools in Alberta, Canada. Student data were collected from 450 grade 7 - 12 students randomly chosen from two urban and two rural schools. Qualitative analysis of the data suggests that many of our results echo Larry Cuban’s claims. Further, this study points out that students and teachers, often, do not share same visions, understandings, and beliefs.

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