Web-based Lecturing: A Case Study of the CUSB Certificate Program in Translation

M. Nyongwa, I.Woungang, and M.W. Santos (Canada)


Web-based education, E-learning, Translation, TOP,Cyber-pedagogy, Academia


The use of Web-based resources for teaching and learning is becoming very popular in educational programs in most universities worldwide. They provide integrated environments of various technologies to support diverse educators and learners needs via the Internet. This paper reports the results from a study to experimentally compare some available Web-based learning tools used for the CUSB Certificate Program in Translation. We will first present the evolution of the program for the period 1990 2005, and then we will discuss the findings from this study in relation to basic usability issues of Web-based tools, in terms of online course pedagogy, technological infrastructure, and students’ perceptions. Our findings from this user study suggest that Academia1 be used as a web-based course to supplement the existing courseware such as WebCT and Blackboard, which are widely accepted.

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