Integrating Problem-Solving Strategies and Fieldwork into an Authentic Online Learning Environment

G. Brickell, J. Herrington, and B. Harper (Australia)


ill-structured problems, authentic environments, webbased learning, fieldwork, collaboration


In this project, a technology-supported learning challenge has been developed to replace a conventional visitation program at Sydney Olympic Park. The educational approach taken is based on a general social constructivist model of learning, challenging learners with a problem based perspective directly linked to specific syllabus outcomes. Students engage in work on the web, in class, in the field and in technology ‘pods’ with an emphasis on student-centred tasks and field activities that will require them to explore data and information, construct and test hypotheses, and present conclusions and solutions in the form of artefacts. This paper describes the learning design of the challenge, and describes the results of formative evaluation in the form of user review and interviews with teachers of the program.

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