Exploring the Use of the IMS Learning Design Specification for Facilitating Formative Assessment

E. Heinrich (New Zealand)


Educational software, standards, assessment, formative assessment


: Assessment is a very important component of any educational setting. Two major forms are distinguished. Summative assessment, or assessment of learning, and formative assessment, or assessment for learning. With its focus on learning formative assessment is of highest educational value yet has not been taken up in the tertiary sector to a degree recommended by educational experts. Further, the support provided by e-learning environments for summative assessment is quite comprehensive, yet systems and tools for formative assessment are largely not available. To address this imbalance and to facilitate a higher uptake of formative assessment, the research presented in this paper is suggesting the use of the IMS Learning Design Specification. While not targeted specifically towards assessment, this specification can be used to capture assessment-related learning designs and to then instantiate these designs with specific learning content. This approach allows dividing tasks between instructional design and content experts. E learning systems can be built around the IMS Learning Design Specification to support creation of the learning designs, instantiation with content and the management of the assessment activity in a real learning context.

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