A Web-based Simulation Framework for Learning of Microelectronics System Behavior

S. Kajtazovic, V. Derbek, C. Steger, A. Schuhai, and M. Pistauer (Austria)


Modeling, simulation, web-based learning


Modern web technologies open a wide spectrum of solutions applicable in many different areas. Nowadays, web-based applications grow to be more and more important for the microelectronic industry. The design of microelectronic components requires newest knowledge about current technology and the used EDA (Electronic Design Automation) tools. The knowledge basis needs to be updated continuously. This paper introduces a web based simulation platform to be used for learning of microelectronic system behavior. It should give an insight into the microelectronic world, system design, and system verification using today’s popular simulators. The system has been evaluated by an example taken from automotive industry.

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