The "Simularium" - A Large Scale Interactive Tiled Display System for Collaborative Learning

P.E. Mantey and J.J. Richards (USA)


Collaborative Learning, Tiled Displays, Application Sharing, Educational Software, Simulation


Large classes are an economic necessity in many engineering schools. Our work, developing a prototype 100-seat large classroom called the “Simularium”, centers on the use of a display space using multiple large resolution tiled displays, serving as an “interactive mural” to improve the learning experience. Via their individual laptop computers, instructors and students can present material and interact via this tiled display, all enabled to be interactive participants, enhancing interaction and collaboration between students and instructors. Connections of individual computers to the shared display system will be via wireless or wired Ethernet, and will work independent of the underlying software application. The large resolution of the tiled display allows many computer screens of displayed material to remain in view for reference and reuse. Additionally, students will be able to download any portion of the tiled display they find relevant, enabling students to go back at any time to previous screens of the presentation. Students can then concentrate on the material being presented, rather than focus on taking notes. Students and faculty that work at different rates, have different personal styles of learning, or even specific disabilities, and can all enhance their productivity through the proposed interactive tiled display.

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