Control and Applications    (CA 2005)

May 18 – 20, 2005
Cancun, Mexico
Editor(s): Dr. Rafael Castro-Linares
240 pages
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Track Control Theory FreeSubscription
460-014 Exact Controllability for a Semilinear Wave Equation
A.T. Bui (Canada)
460-035 An N-Step Deadbeat Regulator
E. Barbieri (USA)
460-036 State-Space Implementation of Disturbance Accommodation Control to Improve Switching Converter Performance
B.N. Gentry, N.M. Schmitt, and T.W. Martin (USA)
460-044 Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for H-Infinity Static Output-Feedback Control
J. Gadewadikar, F.L. Lewis, and M. Abu-Khalaf (USA)
Track Fuzzy Control and Control using Neural Networks FreeSubscription
460-033 Neural-Predictive Control based Speed and Flux Tracking in Induction Motor Drives
A. Merabet, M. Ouhrouche, R.-T. Bui, and H. Ezzaidi (Canada)
460-034 A Fuzzy Inference System for Sub-Optimal Tuning of PID Controllers of a Simulated Autopilot
H.L. Najafi and B. Champlin (USA)
460-076 Fuzzy Adaptive Controllers Design for MIMO Systems
H.A. Malki, Y.-C. Hsu, and D. Misir (USA)
460-116 Adaptive Neural Control of a Simple Effect Evaporator
I.S. Baruch and C.R. Mariaca G. (Mexico)
Track Adaptive and Variable Structure Control FreeSubscription
460-063 A New Model Reference Adaptive Control for Nonlinear Time Varying Plants
J.L. Estrada, M.A. Duarte-Mermoud, and J.C. Travieso-Torres (Chile)
460-084 Comparison of Adaptive Control Methods for Trajectory Tracking Robots
A. Slobodinsky, Y. Strassberg, and J. Dayan (Israel)
460-094 Adaptive Control of Coupled Drives Apparatus based on Polynomial Theory
M. Kubalčík and V. Bobál (Czech Republic)
Track Robotics FreeSubscription
460-020 Dynamic Centroid Detection in Outdoor/Indoor Scenes with Different Backgrounds
A. Soria-López and P. Mejía-Alvarez (Mexcio)
460-045 Dynamic Control Algorithm for a Biped Robot
E. Cuevas, D. Zaldívar (Germany, Mexico), and R. Rojas (Germany)
460-093 Cartesian Controllers for Robot Manipulators
P. Sánchez-Sánchez and F. Reyes-Cortés (Mexico)
460-111 Monocular 3D Reconstruction by Applying a Clustering Algorithm to the Hough Parameter Space
C. Torre Ferrero, J.R. Llata García, and A. González Saro (Spain)
Track Robust Control FreeSubscription
460-023 Robustness Enhancement using the µ-Synthesis for Launcher Control
Y. Morita and S. Goto (Japan)
460-039 Sensitivity Analysis and Robust Model Predictive Control of Singular Systems
J. Pekař and V. Havlena (Czech Republic)
460-072 Application for Design of all Stabilizing PI, PD and PID Controllers
P. Urban and M. Šebek (Czech Republic)
460-077 Nonlinear H Missile Control with Surface Inverse Algorithm
C.-C. Kung (Taiwan)
460-104 Robust Static Output Feedback Control for Linear Uncertain Systems with Time-Delay
S.H. Esfahani (Iran)
Track Bio-Engineering FreeSubscription
460-030 Design, Modelling and Operation of Time-of-Flight Sensor
M. Adámek and M. Matýsek (Czech Republic)
460-062 An Adjustable Asymptotic Observer for a Fermentation Process
E. Aguilar-Garnica, V. Alcaraz-González, and V. González-Álvarez (Mexico)
460-064 Asymptotic Observer Design and Stability Analysis for a Fermentation Process
E. Aguilar-Garnica, V. Alcaraz-González, and V. González-Álvarez (Mexico)
460-089 Signal Post-Processing as Applied to Texas Coastal Ocean Observation Network (TCOON) Data
C. Steidley, R. Rush, D. Thomas, P. Tissot, A. Sadovski, and R. Bachnak (USA)
Track Power Systems Applications FreeSubscription
460-056 Probabilistic Assessment of Reliability in Reconfigurable Distribution Networks
E. Quiles, E. García, F. Morant, and V. Mascarós (Spain)
460-067 Fuzzy Feedforward and Feedback Supervisory Control for the Steam Generator at a Fossil Plant
D.A. Suárez Cerda and O. Maturano Salazar (Mexico)
460-075 Comparison of Two Distinct Approaches for Wind Turbines Control Design
H. Camblong, X. Guillaud, and V. Rogez (France)
460-112 Periodic Torque Ripples Minimization in PMSM using Normalized Iterative Learning Control
J.P. Yun, N.G. Kim, S.W. Kim, and T.J. Park (Korea)
Track Modelling, Identification, Estimation, and Fault Detection FreeSubscription
460-025 Analysis and Modelling of a Gyroscope
L.C. Jesύs and A.B. Luis (Mexico)
460-031 Combining of Local Estimates with Application to Identification and Filtering Problems
V. Shin and J.I. Ahn (Korea)
460-053 A Qualitative Simulator for Traffic Monitoring
T. Lopez, V. Ramón, and L.A. Garcia (Spain)
460-107 Linear Matrix of the Inequality Solution to the H_/H Fault Detection Problem
I.M. Jaimoukha, Z. Li, and E.F.M. Mazars (UK)
460-119 An Adaptive Control Strategy with Parameter Estimation on Traffic Flow Model
X.-H. Yu (USA)
Track Process Control and Real-Time Systems FreeSubscription
460-050 Implementation of an Adaptive Controller into Programmable Controller Library
T. Sysala and P. Dostal (Czech Republic)
460-074 Control Properties of Hard Real-Time Scheduling
R. Cayssials, E. Ferro, O. Alimenti, and J. Orozco (Argentina)
460-099 Implementing Sequential Function Charts using FPGAs
M. Abdelati (Palestine) and R. Langari (USA)
460-113 Qualitative Analysis of the Influence of Horns on Ultrasonic Lobes
L.A. Rentería, J.P. Oria, M. Fernández, C. Rodríguez, and S. Robla (Spain)
Track Optimization FreeSubscription
460-010 Modelling and Optimal Digital Tracker for Analog Neutral Delay Systems
T.J. Tsai, J.S.H. Tsai, S.M. Guo (Taiwan), and G. Chen (PRC)
460-026 Optimality of a Two-Degree of Freedom Control System
L. Keviczky and Cs. Bányász (Hungary)
460-060 Dynamic Optimization using Hermite Chaos
F.S. Hover and M.S.Triantafyllou (USA)
460-110 An Hybrid Systems Approach to Cement Mills Scheduling and Conveyor Belts-Silos Management
D. Castagnoli and E. Gallestey (Switzerland)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

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This publication covers the following topics: Control Theory; Fuzzy Control and Control using Neural Networks; Adaptive and Variable Structure Control; Robotics; Robust Control; Bio-Engineering; Power Systems Applications; Modelling, Identification, Estimation, and Fault Detection; Process Control and Real-Time Systems; and Optimization.

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