Linear Matrix of the Inequality Solution to the H_/H Fault Detection Problem

I.M. Jaimoukha, Z. Li, and E.F.M. Mazars (UK)


Fault detection and isolation, linear matrix inequalities, model matching problem, disturbance attenuation.


In this paper we give a linear matrix inequality (LMI) so lution to the H-/H fault detection and isolation (FDI) problem for linear time invariant dynamic systems. An H-/H FDI filter minimizes the sensitivity of the resid ual signal to disturbances while maintaining a minimum level of sensitivity to faults. More specifically, when the transfer function from faults to the output is co-outer, fault isolation can be achieved directly with only one filter ap plied. Moreover, we show that, through the formulation of a linear matrix inequality, the detection filter can be readily constructed to decouple disturbances. A numerical exam ple is presented to illustrate our algorithm.

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