Probabilistic Assessment of Reliability in Reconfigurable Distribution Networks

E. Quiles, E. García, F. Morant, and V. Mascarós (Spain)


Distribution System Reliability, Automation, Software Tool.


The evaluation and the improvement of distribution systems reliability is a major concern for the utility nowadays, when considering the distribution system expansion and planning. Power engineers require, for that purpose, accurate and fast analysis tools in order to perform the comparison of the system reliability under as different planning scenarios as network reinforcement, remotely controlled switchgear installation, use of fault detectors, etc. A flexible method for reliability assessment in distribution networks is presented in this paper, based on Markov Processes theory, complemented with a "reliability zone" division of the distribution network, that simplifies the planning scenarios specification, and allows the planner experience consideration into the analysis. The method is implemented using Object Oriented Programming (OOP), and integrated in a more general purpose Distribution Management System software package.

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