Modelling and Optimal Digital Tracker for Analog Neutral Delay Systems

T.J. Tsai, J.S.H. Tsai, S.M. Guo (Taiwan), and G. Chen (PRC)


Optimal control, neutral time-delay systems, tacking control, digital redesign


This paper presents a new, practical, and realizable methodology and scheme for an optimal hybrid tracking control problem for continuous neutral time-delay system. A continuous-time linear quadratic cost function that has a high-gain property is used for tracking control specification. Two interpolation formulas together with an extended state vector are applied to directly convert the original analog optimal tracking problem into an equivalent digital optimal regulator problem. Then, using the discrete-time optimal control theory and an indirect digital redesign technique with a predictive feature, an effective low-gain digital tracker, without losing the pre-specified high-quality performance in the continuous domain, is designed for the original analog neutral time-delay system.

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