Implementation of an Adaptive Controller into Programmable Controller Library

T. Sysala and P. Dostal (Czech Republic)


Adaptive control, delta model, parameter estimation, PLC, real time control.


This paper deals with the implementation of a self-tuning controller into a PLC (Programmable Logical Controller) library A nonlinear model of the process is approximated by a continuous-time external linear model. The parameters of the CT external linear model are estimated via parameters of a corresponding delta model. The control system configuration with two feedback controllers is considered. The controller design is based on the polynomial approach. The resulting proper controllers ensure stability of the control system as well as asymptotic tracking of the step reference and step load disturbance attenuation. The control algorithm was implemented into the Tecomat PLC library, product of Teco, Inc. The laboratory tests proved that the algorithm implementation was successful. Functionality of implementation was verified by a furnace model.

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